Ants are one of the most common critters to find in your home, but that doesn’t mean they belong there! Once an ant problem starts, it can get out of control fast. Ants can get into everything, including your cabinets and food, simply because your home makes for a cozy environment to house their colonies.

If you’re dealing with an ant problem in your Piqua Ohio home and you’re not sure how to stop it, you might need the help of Midwest Pest and Wildlife Control. Our trained experts know how to tackle ants by getting them out of your home and keeping them from getting back in. We offer a variety of treatment options targeted to different ant species and designed for both the interior and exterior of your house to keep it ant-free.

Effective Ant Removal In Piqua Ohio

Treating your ant problem immediately is the best line of defense against the pests. Ant treatment usually involves treating both the inside and outside of your home to keep ants as far away as possible from any entrance they can find.

Although you may want to try to handle the ants yourself, we strongly recommend seeking out the help of pest control experts. Ant infestations aren’t easy to control. Some do-it-yourself pesticides can even cause colonies to splinter, or form into smaller colonies that can make the problem even more challenging to halt.

At Midwest Pest and Wildlife Control, we offer a free consultation where we’ll inspect your ant problem and offer custom treatment options for your specific infestation. In most cases, we’ll need to treat the interior and exterior of your home and return periodically for regular treatments. We can even give you a custom service plan for monthly, bi-monthly, or another schedule that works for you to make sure the pests don’t return.

What You Can Do to Help

While you wait for your treatments to work their magic on your ant problem, there are a few things you can do to make sure the ants stay as far away from your family as possible, like:

We invite you to contact Midwest Pest and Wildlife Control today for your free consultation and estimate for ridding your home and yard of ants. Please contact us today at (937) 570-7216 to learn how we can help.

More Information About Ants

What Problems Do Ants Cause in My Home?

There are thousands of known ant species in the world, with many of them living in North America. It’s not surprising to find ants crawling up the trees in your yard or along your sidewalks, but finding them in your home can be alarming. Some ant species aren’t necessarily dangerous to you or your house, but others can cause problems for your home, your belongings, or your family.

Carpenter ants, for example, chew through wood in your home to create a safe space for their colony. Over time, they’ll weaken the structure of your home, causing severe, costly damage. Fire ants can sting people, leaving painful spots on your skin that can lead to allergic reactions, skin infections, and other health issues.

Other ants cause more annoyance than harm, like odorous house ants and pavement ants. These ant species, like most, like to feast on sweet foods, so you’ll usually find them taking over cabinets that contain baking goods, or lining up in trails where fruit drippings got left behind.

Ants reproduce very quickly, which is why they can turn into a big problem soon after you notice a few of them.

How Ants Enter Homes

Most ants aren’t large, so they can squeeze through small cracks in a foundation, windowsills, or door frames, or even make their way through pipes in your home. Ants can also walk along tree branches that touch your home to find a way in.

Carpenter ants will make their way toward damp, exposed pieces of wood to find a spot for their colony to go. Other ant species could simply come in because they sniff out food in the area if you tend to leave food exposed in your home.

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