Your bed should be a place of relaxation, but that can quickly change when you have bed bugs. It’s easy to overlook a bed bug infestation due to their small size, so they often go untreated and continuously spread. If you want to find and eliminate these pesky intruders, keep reading to learn about bed bugs and how to spot them.

The Signs of Bed Bugs

A common complaint when dealing with a severe bed bug problem is the resident didn’t know they had bed bugs, until they embedded in their furniture and spread. People often confuse bed bugs with other pests like fleas. Here are a few important bed bug signs:

You might see live bed bugs on your sheets or mattress, though they’re extremely small and tend to hide. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when looking for bed bugs is they hide in many places around your home. Some unexpected places you might find bed bugs include stuffed animals, couches, lamps, and around electrical outlets.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs In Ohio

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone. On the bright side, there’s some precautions Ohio residents can take to lessen the chance of a serious bed bug problem.

Unfortunately, you can’t always keep bed bugs from moving in. If you notice signs of bed bugs in your home, don’t wait to get help. Midwest Pest and Wildlife Control offers two affordable and effective treatment options. A free home estimate will help you decide which treatment plan is best for you. Call to learn more and to free your home of bed bugs today.

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